Thursday, 18th of January 2018

Thursday, 18th of January 2018

Oxford Funace

Built in 1741-42 by Jonathan Robeson in partnership with the Shippen Family on land that would eventually encompass approximately 4,000 acres including iron ore, limestone, wood, and water resources utilized by the furnace, it is the oldest remaining iron furnace in New Jersey and the third constructed in the Colony of New Jersey. Its establishment marked the genesis of an iron industry in Oxford lasting well into the 20th century.

It operated until 1809 and again from 1832 - 1834, concentrating on the manufacture of pig iron but also other products such as firebacks.

The first use of hot blast in the United States to manufacture iron was implemented here in 1835 by pioneer industrialist William Henry.

Dr. William Shippen, Sr., the sole owner from 1766 to 1801, was a Pennsylvania delegate to the Continental Congress.

The nearby manor house was constructed by Dr. Shippen circa 1766-70 as the iron master's residence and business office.

Erected by the Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New Jersey, November 2013.